Save the 2CV

It's Been A While

   posted on Sunday 7th of August 2011 by Mark Warner

MOT anniversary today, and she's passed another year! Tragically she hadn't left the driveway for a fair few months, and when I got in one of the shock absorbers made a cracking noise and started leaking. The garage replaced it without problem, and it isn't a pricey part.

The kingpins remain a thorn in the side of every MOT. Foolishly I had forgotten to grease them, having been spoiled by my old garage in Reading doing that kind of thing without me even asking. After sorting that out they passed, but the driver's side only just. It was stressed (convincingly) that it wouldn't pass next year. With a memory back to the final days before Ross and Amy's wedding I'm pleased that it's lasted five years, and knew this would eventually need fixing again. At some point in the next 12 months we might therefore be looking at somehow replacing or repairing that suspension arm, as we already know that a new kingpin won't sit in there without play. Should be fun!

Finally, it seems that it is now impossible to get a completely clean slate on the MOT anymore (something that it was fun to aspire to). The last two or three have included an advisory that there is no visual indication that you are indicating (if you follow me). I assume this is some new fangled rule put in to upset 2cv owners ;)