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What Have the Mice Been Up To?

   posted on Thursday 5th of January 2006 by Mark Warner

A long, long time since the last post. Holidays abroad, followed by christmas and new year, meant that poor dolly had been left hanging (quite literally) in the garage with noone but the mice to work on her. They hadn't gotten very far.

We returned to find, without surprise, a few creepings of rust in the areas we'd been working on. Nothing major but enough to hopefully kick start us into action. It's nearly been over a year since we brought dolly here and i'd forgotten just how cold a january night in the garage can be!

Tonight there was no camera (it's currently charting someone's DIY progress elsewhere... ) but we ground off the welding that we'd done on the big plate at the front of the car. We'd done it with the hired welder, and CO2, and it was one of our first tries so it wasn't spectacular to say the least. We've now improved on that.

We're planning a weekend this month to hopefully get the bodywork done. We have a latest deadline of the summer as the car is to be used to take Ross to the church on time... so we'd better get cracking :)