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Welding Weekend

   posted on Sunday 22nd of January 2006 by Mark Warner

A full weekend at the garage. Something that hadn't happened for a while. My Dad came up to lend a hand or two as well which really helped get stuff done. More important than that - he brought along a kettle from home... how we've survivied without tea up there for this long is a mystery...

making a brew

We finished up the panels inside of the car (shaping them into the channels where the original bodywork had them, and welding over). Then we got on with making a new patch for underneath the driver's feet on the underside of the car. We hoisted the front of the body as high as we could to get to the underside of the car better which made welding easier.

Here's Ross painting the area where the patch is going with rust beater.

ross treating the rust

Here's Dad applying a "finish" to one side of the patch with the angle grinder after i'd welded it in place.

finishing touches

For quite a while I've been trying to wonder how I could take a photo that showed what you could see while welding. I'm yet to figure out a solution but I did take a moment to take a photo looking directly into the sun through a welding mask... gives you an idea how dark the masks are.

green sun

Finally, here's me and Dad having a spot of Sunday lunch...

picnic time