Save the 2CV

Fuel Again

   posted on Tuesday 5th of January 2010 by Mark Warner

An update for the new year! We returned from honeymoon just before Christmas to find that Dolly wasn't starting again! After all the work that she had done for the wedding. A bit of investigation showed that it was the fuel again!

We went back last weekend, jacked her up and dropped the tank. Sure enough the little joint connecting the pipe to the tank had perished, so we replaced it with a new bit and bolted everything back together. The result... improvement but still not good enough - bubbles in the line. Looks like there have been a snag in the line when the body went back on which then split in all this cold weather. New fuel line is needed!

Thought I'd mention a few extras that they did over at the 2CV Shop in the run up to the wedding.

At least some of this was achievable by us, but we just didn't have time in the run up to the wedding. It would probably have taken us another two years to get enough time to get this done and do the respray work, and it wouldn't have been anywhere near as good. Darren et al managed it in only a couple of months and finished with a day to spare! Legends.