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The Wedding

   posted on Thursday 10th of August 2006 by Mark Warner

So having spent the last day and a half cleaning and polishing the car it was ready to get to the wedding. Here she is the day before outside my house after a lot of karate kid wax on/wax off action.

Shiny car!

and at the hotel with Sin doing some great work putting the bows on.

Ribbons going on!

So we made it to the wedding... I got not only Ross, but the best man and another usher to the church on time AND brought the happy couple back to the reception.

Leaving the church

A fantastic day, and a fantastic achievement on the car. Still got some bodywork and painting to do, but it's fair to say we were well chuffed! :)

I'll post a photo or two of the happy couple with the car when I get hold of one.