Save the 2CV

Purring Again

   posted on Sunday 11th of January 2009 by Mark Warner

So it seems that after replacing the fuel pump, persistence was all I was lacking. After my last post, and a 2CV-less Christmas and New Year, I couldn't think what else could be wrong. The state of play when I last tried was that I still got no fuel. Why? The tank sloshed when rocked and the gauge said there was gas. I'd even "sucked" some down the pipe to make sure it was clear... tasty.

So I had a new fuel pump, new coil, new HT leads, and new plugs... but no start. Definitely had a spark - that was working great. New pump, maybe it's not being driven properly (it's mechanical and is operated by a rod).

I wasn't sure what drove the fuel pump rod. There's no info in Haynes, and I wondered if it was worth having the front off and having a look. Thankfully before doing this I rung 2CV City for a chat as I've talked to them before (as well as getting my DG Ignition and chassis from them!). He said that it wouldn't be anything in the engine, and that if I was going to tow it somewhere to work on (which was my plan) I should give it a bump on the way as it probably just needed encouragement.

So... when my tow arrived, we thought we'd give her another go at starting with some jump assistance. I also popped in a little more petrol for good measure.

After only about 20 seconds she fired up!! The crowd went wild. Since then she's started first turn... like never before. One hot and two cold starts so far. The hot start is especially pleasing - the ECAS super coil living up to its billing!

So I don't know what happened. May it just need more turning to get the line full of fuel again. Or maybe the splash of petrol I put in got something in the tank sender unit going (there was definitely enough in there already). It may remain a mystery, but we appear to be on the road again... which is nice because I've just send the government a hundred and twenty notes to retax her! Remind me... why don't I get a "low emissions" discount like the shiny new rubbish on the roads?