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New Fuel Pump To Start?

   posted on Sunday 14th of December 2008 by Mark Warner

I had some problems starting the car. Cold weather... unused for a few weeks and my attempts to start her ended up in a flat battery, twice over after a recharge.

The spark was alright, but thinking that a bit of tlc always helps I put in a little time. I'd recently bought a new super coil from ECAS to help with hot starting, to replace the aging HT leads, and mean less hair-dryer-ing of the damp coil for wet starts. The spark was great, but still no start - it looked like no petrol was coming in.

After running low on ideas and reading point 13 on this starting guide, I thought a new fuel pump might be in order. It's one of the few components of its size that I hadn't yet had to replace. A new pump arrived and despite being a little fiddley without removing more from the car, I managed to fit it fine. The instructions in the Haynes manual were pretty easy to follow.

Here's the new pump ready to go in:

New Fuel Pump

I knew about the joint in the fuel line under the front wing from when we replaced the chassis and I put a new joint in, that's where you disconnect the line to the pump. Then removing the pump I used my socket set's long arm to reach down to the two bolts that look up at you on the pump's left:

Old pump in place

Here's the gap left. The "spacer" the manual talks about is sitting on top of the shiny plate and the rod is poking out in the middle (with a big blob of grease on the end):

No Fuel Pump!

Despite a shiny new fuel pump going in, there was still no luck starting. I ran the battery down again trying (which in the cold weather didn't take that long) and am fresh out of ideas. Have to borrow a car to get around at Christmas and figure something out in January.