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Flying Colours

   posted on Wednesday 23rd of July 2008 by Mark Warner

This isn't just an MOT. This is an MOT without advisories. This is Mark's and Ross's MOT!

Quite over the moon. Another year of passing, and for the first time in many years (or maybe even ever) she passed without a single advisory!

After the recent week of holidaying around the country, a knocking had become apparent when going over bumps, which was worrying me. I had as much of a poke around as I could in the gutter outside my house (no driveway!), and then asked the excellent people at Cleaver Cars to have a look for me before the MOT. Apparently the problem was loose nuts in a few places, including on the suspension. They gave it a once over with the sockets and have advised me to have a thorough look myself to make sure. Given my previous with nuts (read the previous posts) this comes as more than sage advice.