Save the 2CV

Another Year... Another Test

   posted on Monday 30th of July 2007 by Mark Warner

Yep it's been a year. Nope we haven't done any painting or bodywork yet but the more pressing matter of the MOT has reared its head... so I drove back to my folks on the weekend to tidy up a few things pre-test. First things first... gotta grease the king pins:

greasing the king pins

Secondly the contacts in the front passenger side indicator had corroded away completely so I bought a new unit from ecas and replaced it, which was straightforward:

new indicator

Then while I was under there I noticed a small fuel leak near the pump because the pipe was perishing where it was bending to go up from the chassis. After some thought we got a new plastic connector (rather than the metal pipe that was being used) from carquip and cut away the perished rubber. We also moved tie so that there was less stress on the pipe.

new joint in the fuel line

Then after checking all the lights (fixing the fog lamp yet again) we re-did three of the exhaust joints (including the two from the expansion box to the engine manifolds which are MUCH easier if you take the wings off) and to top it all off changed the oil and filter. She was running beautifully when I came back this morning. Test is booked in for tomorrow so fingers are crossed!