Save the 2CV

Tring To Fix The Failures

   posted on Sunday 6th of August 2006 by Mark Warner

So I spent quite a bit at ecas. I got some things which we won't use yet, but new handbrake pads, horn, two sets of kingpins and their kingpin drift toolkit were all well used this weekend.

Mum and Dad came up to help too. This weekend was supposed to be all about cleaning and painting but as we were now delayed by the kingpins she was the only one doing any of that. Dad, myself and Ross set about replacing the kingpins.

The drift set from ecas came with instructions, which when combined with the Haynes manual were easy to follow. My only complaint was that the set didn't come with a new split pin for the driveshaft nut which "has to be replaced". The driveshaft nuts took quite a lot of force and where the steering arm connected to the pivot hub quit a few knocks were needed to separate the two. We got them both off though.

pivot hub has been removed
The pivot hub took a bit of cleaning up. We used parafin but protected the bearings to keep the grease on them.

cleaned up pivot hub
At the end of the weekend Dolly had a new horn (which is quite a lot louder!), new handbrake pads all properly adjusted and two new kingpins. I can't image being able to drift the bushes and pins in and out without the kit we got... don't try it without one!

There was still play in the driver side pin, which was worrying but we figured there wasn't a lot more we could do - it was coming from the suspension arm which was probably beyond us. We ran her around the field (quite literally) before locking her up ready for a second shot at the MOT in the morning...

running around