Save the 2CV

A Mammoth Effort

   posted on Wednesday 2nd of August 2006 by Mark Warner

A crazy frenzy of work has gone on. It was Ross' stag do last weekend so it's all been weekday evenings. I also took monday and tuesday off this week and spent all day working on the car, with Ross and Amy joining me in the evenings. We got the following done: Here's Amy in the pit attaching the fuel pipe to the chassis. We used zip ties for both the fuel and brake pipes.

zipping on the fuel pipe

After attaching the fuel pipe we tried to pull the fuel through to the pump. I tried sucking it down the pipe and can quite honestly say that it was one of the most horrible experiences I've had. We ended up using the hoover.

After that we tried to start her up but it had been raining and everything was damp. There was no joy, not even a bang. We tested the LT and HT circuits and everything seemed OK. I pointed out that it had taken me a long time to start her in these conditions without the engine not being run for a year and half!

On Tuesday morning it was all sunny and warm and up there on my own I turned the key. Started first time! I almost didn't catch it with the accelerator I was so surprised. How many other engines would have done that after so long being unused?! This is me driving around :)

firing well

Here we are having some dinner very kindly brought up by Janet on Tuesday evening...

curry for the boys

Powered by the curry here's Ross welding on the front panel to the second sill while I was busying around putting the easy bits back on.

last bit of welding

So late on Wednesday night... well Thurs morning at about 3am to be precise Ross and I left with her all back together and ready for the MOT booked in first thing!

a car again