Save the 2CV

Boots and Bonnets

   posted on Thursday 20th of July 2006 by Mark Warner

We spent two evenings up at the garage this week. On Wednesday Amy joined us and pitched in by sorting the rust from the metal in the boot so we knew for sure whether any patches needed to go in there. We already knew that the side of the car was rusted back there on the passenger side - turns out the floor's gone in that corner too. More patches needed... ho hum.

While this investigative work was going on I was welding up the last bits of the floor along the edge that sits onto the floor panel that comes with the chassis.... and Ross was embarking on the bonnet hinge project.

As posted previously I'd bought a bonnet hinge repair section from 2cv City. Ross set about cutting out the old, rusty, flakey bits and then positioning the new part in. Where the bulkhead behind meets there's a handy v shape hidden under the windscreen which the top of the strip slotted into meaning that clamps were only needed on the underside to hold it in place. Here's a pic of it ready to be welded in

new bonnet hinge strip