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Box Sections... No Problem

   posted on Wednesday 7th of June 2006 by Mark Warner

An evening finishing the new end to the box section at the back of the sill. Ross had made the two panels that were going to make this last weekend, so now we set about welding these in place. I forgot the camera so sadly the photos are only phone quality.

The first piece was the end of the box itself. Ross had done a great job of matching the shape of the car, and crimping the patch to fit under the existing metal. To weld it in we were lacking a clamp big enough so was made one out of scrap metal that was lying around. We'd struggled with the weld and blown a few holes through the thin car, but the clamp worked a treat and made it much easier.

hand made clamp

After that Ross then set about fitting the second part with some fine adjustments. Along with the crimping tool used to fit the previous part, he'd identified a few panel beating tools which were now coming in very handy.

fitting the second patch

The almost finished product... we left it without enough time to grind down the welds so that the fit was flat on the bodywork, but it still looks excellent.

finished product