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More Patchwork

   posted on Wednesday 22nd of June 2005 by Mark Warner

More patches were made tonight. Ross shaped two patches to go on the underside of the car - including matching the curve of the channels in the bodywork rather well.

patch for the underside of the passenger side footwell near the front

He beat the panels around a metal bar that matched the radius of the grooves in the body. The results were great.

patch for the underside of the driverside footwell near the front

I also made two patches... I attempted to fashion a c-bar to go in the underside of the driver side door sill where it's rusted through. The results were mixed as it's a very small space - no piccy of that one. I also made a patch to go over a smaller hole towards the back of the main footwell.

patch underneath the passenger-side footwell near the back