Save the 2CV

Strutting about

   posted on Saturday 30th of April 2005 by Mark Warner

The may day bank holiday weekend and we spent the saturday at the garage. The door sills weakness was a concern and so Ross and his dad constructed some bars to push down inside the damaged areas to give support. Welding two L sections together formed a square bar, and then plates were welded on the ends which could then be welded onto the body at the front.

the new struts

My dad came to help too and he and I armed with drills with wire brushes attacked the gunk some more to clean up more of the important areas that we were going to patch up. An angle grinder was also used to take out some of the sills that were rusted beyond repair. We'll have to come up with a way to patch these cleanly as they're exterior, but the gaps will allow us to weld our new struts on along their length.

the holey sill

The day was a productive one, but it's becoming obvious that a lot of time needs to be spent on the body before we can think about new parts.