Save the 2CV

Rust check

   posted on Monday 17th of January 2005 by Mark Warner

Just over a week after our first weekend of work, we returned one evening to put a couple of hours in, mainly to see if the WD40 had worked some magic yet. It had, and the front bumper came off with relative ease.

The front wings proved more of a problem - the oil had loosened the wing support, but the body was so rusted that the torque required to even loosen the screw a little was tearing the bodywork off. No choice here, do as little damage as possible, we'll have to fix with welding later. Both wings duly came off.

damage to the body where rust held the bolt on

Unfortunately we'd burred the rear bumper screws so much that we decided to try and drill out the remaining bolts. We managed to get 2 off but this took Ross all evening. At the same time I set about the front lamp assembly. Locating the bolts at the base of the struts and undoing them. More problems here, Two of the bolts were secured by a nut which was housed within the strut they were being attached to. The nut turned within its housing which left us no obvious way to get the nut out. We ran out of evening and left the car feeling better than we had after the previous weekend.

Flying without wings