Save the 2CV

Starting The Second Sill

   posted on Wednesday 28th of June 2006 by Mark Warner

Another day off work to try and get things done. The aim was to get the second sill done. This started with the task of cutting the old one out and grinding what we couldn't cut out away. Here's Ross ready for some grinder action, even sporting my new welding gaunlets for extra protection.

safety first

A lot of grinding went on. A lot of old sill needed to be shown the exit.

grinding away

The bottom of the rear pillar has rusted away and needed to be replaced. Ross set about creating a replacement piece which was shaped in the same way as the pillar... not an easy task. Here's it going in...

welding a new pillar

and the excellent end result...

new pillar in place

After a lot of positioning, we put the old doors ontop to test out the location. Here's a pic of the new sill clamped in with the doors resting on top.

new sill in place

We ran out of time so didn't get the sill welded in unfortunately. Next time it should just be a case of a few more minor adjustments and we can get it done, the car back upright and then we're getting there.